Save York Barracks Petition

Petition to the House of Commons:

  • We believe that the Ministry of Defence has wrongly decided to close Imphal Barracks and military sites in Strensall.

  • There has been no economic and social impact assessment undertaken.

  • The closure of Imphal impacts upon 728 armed forces personnel and their families, 376 people working in civilian jobs and 100 contractors and more in the wider supply chain.

  • The closure of military sites in Strensall impacts upon 331 armed forces personnel and 62 civilian staff.

We urge the Government to retain the armed forces personnel currently operating in the City of York, to keep Imphal Barracks open and military sites in Strensall open and to secure the future of York as a Garrison City.

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  • Claire Molloy
    signed 2017-09-24 10:44:51 +0100
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