History of Imphal Barracks

Imphal Barracks have been an integral part of York’s history since their completion in 1795. The Cavalry barracks were established in Fulford, York in response to the French Revolution.

Later in 1877 Infantry barracks were added on the Fulford site seeing the arrival of the 14th Regiment of Foot in 1878, later to become known as West Yorkshire Regiment in 1881.

In 1944 the West Yorkshire Regiment won honours at the Battle of Imphal in WW2 which led to the barracks being renamed “Imphal” in the 1950's to mark the regiments achievements.


Over the years York has been home to many Forces families based at Imphal, standing as a huge community addition to York. In 2009 the barracks played a pivotal role in preparing troops for the conflict in Afghanistan.

Currently home to 1st (Uk) Division and 2 Signal Regiment. In 2016 the Government announced its planned closure and an end to an era of York’s proud history.

In a rapidly changing geopolitical situation in a more volatile world, no-one can predict the defence capability that will be needed in 2031


Don’t let this be FORGOTTEN HISTORY