Parliamentary Petition Wording

To the House of Commons.

The petition of residents of the UK

Declares that the Better Defence Estate strategy set out by the Ministry of Defence in November 2016 has wrongly decided to close Imphal Barracks in York by 2031 and Queen Elizabeth II Barracks by 2021; further that York has been the home to the armed forces for over 2000 years; further that there has been no economic and social impact assessment undertaken, including on York’s wider community; further that the closure of Imphal Barracks impacts upon 728 armed forces personnel and their families and 376 people working in civilian jobs and 100 contractors and more in the wider supply chain; further that the closure of barracks in Strensall impacts upon 331 armed forces personnel and 62 civilian staff; further that the rebasing programme of 2016, lacks evidence as to its effectiveness and is contrary to the advice and wishes of serving personnel and their families and veterans; and further undermines the promises that were made as late as 2015 that Imphal Barracks would remain open following the 2013 Army Rebasing Programme.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to retain the armed forces personnel currently operating from the City of York, to keep Imphal Barracks and the barracks in Strensall open and to secure the future of York as a garrison city.

And the petitioners remain etc.

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